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This is something I printed out early on in my recovery and carried for a long time in my purse which I would frequently take out and read to help keep me strong.It definitely helped me more than anyone will ever know!It’s so hard trying to keep up with the twists and turns of their thinking.8 months post discard, 3 months since last seeing him and 2 months of no contact is clearing my mind and this is what I’ve come up with: while we are all human(?), the worst thing I did to my husband in our 20 years was to love him – and for a healthy person, that love would not have been punishable by betrayal, cheating and divorce.Thank you for sharing xo Reply Thank you this list describes my marriage my husband for the last 25 years I have been separated for the last 6 months and am currently living in women’s aid refuge however I feel I am having to return home due to financial reasons which I can’t seem to resolve, my husband knows where i am all the time because I work in the village where we live,we have 3 daughters who support my decision,but my husband uses them to get to me,this and all the years has had an enormous part to play in my emotional well being,my self confidence self esteem and then depression I feel quite lost.Thank you again for posting something well worth repeating and remembering!

Although God has been my comforter through it all, I learned how to lean and depend on him, he’s my strength. I just ended a relationship with someone who checked a few, but not all of the boxes.But unfortunately for us women, not all of them live up to that stereotypical, ‘loser’ image of an unkempt, jobless bum playing video games on his mom’s couch.Many members of this MANimal species come across as charming and handsome—and sometimes even give the appearance of being successful.Does he ask you many questions beyond the standard “How was your day?” Guys who aren’t relationship-ready usually wind up that way for a foundational reason: selfishness and self-entitlement.

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