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Steve Darnell and his team of rat rod specialists are master automotive fabricators.

They work out of a sprawling garage, Welder Up, on the outskirts of the Las Vegas Strip, re-building one-of-a-kind Mad Max-style "rat rod" cars out of hidden treasure for quirky customers.

The first half of the first season of The Tick has been on Amazon Prime since 2017, but as of March 2018 the second half is here too and it manages to be even more baffling, entertaining and laugh-out-loud funny than the first.The latest season of You Are Wanted also lands on Amazon this week, a German cyber thriller that's guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat.]Amazon has been home-growing titles itself over the past few years, which are called Amazon Originals or Amazon Original Series.These Amazon TV shows are arguably some of the best that the Amazon Prime Video service has to offer (think The Tick and Transparent), which you can watch instantly when you have .Greg Skomal and Joe Romeiro study makos, great whites and porbeagles that can out-swim, out-think, and out-compete all the others.Moonshiners go to extremes to illegally produce and distribute white lightning.

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But, as is the case with many online streaming services, there are lots of mediocre options on Amazon Prime Video, as well as lots of truly terrible ones, which we'd prefer you didn't waste your time on.

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  1. Remember: Simon Cowell poses no immediate danger to us. Mary Bale A Coventry bank clerk, variously described as "grey-haired spinster" and "worse than Hitler", supposedly became Britain's most hated woman this week after putting a cat in a wheelie-bin during what she described as a "split second of misjudgement".

  2. It’s well known that most black women are taught by their parents to get through school, don’t get pregnant, and don’t worry about getting a man while you’re getting your degree. But when it’s time to start looking for a mate that is comparable with our achievements, the black men who make the cut are few and far between.