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UITS recommends that you specify a certificate authority (CA) certificate for IU Secure connections to provide an additional layer of security to your wireless device; for help, see Validating the connection below.Optionally, depending on your Android version, you can select either Validating your IU Secure wireless connection adds an additional layer of security and ensures the authenticity of an IU Secure wireless access point.If you have already setup security and setup a unique name skip those parts.To do this can you go to a machine that can get online through the router using a hardwire then click Start and then Run and in the Run box can you type CMD then hit enter to open a DOS window. In the wireless security I put my 10 digit phone number in the Key 1 box.Now when we say wired, you understand I'm wired through the router; not directly to the cable modem, right ? To be honest other than a reset like I said I am out of ideas as to what could be causing it as the same issue should affect both connection methods.

If you have a lot of networks around you then there is a good chance they are all set to default and probably interfearing with your connection, so what we need to do is change the mode and channel assignment on your router to see if we can get you a cleaner signal.Next can you login to the router and open the admin page then choose Firmware Update and then can you click the browse button and find the file you downloaded then hit upgrade firmware and let it work. When I say "died" I don't mean they quit working entirely - it's been the same kind of problem for all of them, reduced speed through the wireless router. Can you open a dos window then type ping -f -l 1500 then hit enter and you should get a message that says packet needs to be fragmented When you get that can you type ping -f -l 1450 and try again and you should get a reply message, if you do can you try ping -f -l 1475 and keep testing till you get to the magic number 1 digit below where you get the message packet needs to be fragmented.Once it is finished can you wait approx 2 minutes and then check you can get online and run the speedtest again. Thanks I've downloaded the firmware; but, now can't get into the Linksys admin site. It now directs me through Google, Ask, Peebl,and Just Answer....of which get me into the admin screen. Ok, Can you unplug the router and shut down your machine then wait 30 seconds and power up the router and then wait another 30 secondsand power up your machine and try to get in again and let me know if it will allow you or not Thanks Yes to both questions. It died and was replaced with a dual, supposedly better router. Once you have that number (probably around 1472) can you do the same with the hardwired connection and let me know if there is any difference in the number you get.You can validate your connection by specifying a CA certificate.To validate your IU Secure connection, you'll need to download a CA certificate file to your Android device.

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