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(2) It was not long before Tyler began a relationship with Bobby Baker, a close associate of Lyndon B. "What started as a harmless affair eventually evolved into a romance, and I grew to love Carole Tyler.

Young and beautiful and vivacious, at once a former beauty queen and a quick mind with a flair for politics, she was not difficult to love.

One journalist pointed out: "How do you build a two million dollar fortune in eight years on a salary of less than ,000?

The answer is that Bobby found it easy because so many people were ready to help him." (9) Baker was investigated by Attorney General Robert Kennedy.

Almost two months to the day after she joined Bobby's staff she got her first increase to ,052.11.

Four months later, in August, 1961, her salary was boosted to ,538.19 and that October - eight months after she joined his staff Bobby promoted Nancy Carole to clerk for the secretary to the majority, a kind of administrative assistant, and raised her pay to ,753.34. Nancy Carole's salary was boosted again, this time to ,296.07." (4) In November, 1962, Tyler moved into the townhouse Baker purchased.

Howard Edmondson of Oklahoma and Harrison Williams of New Jersey.

Well, number one, there was no plan to dump Lyndon Johnson. Number two, I hadn't gotten really involved in the Bobby Baker case until after a good number of newspaper stories had appeared about it....

There were a lot of stories then, after November 22, that the Bobby Baker case was really stimulated by me and that this was part of my plan to get something on Johnson.

Though I knew the guilt of a longtime family man with a loyal wife and five children, I did nothing to discourage our romance once it began." (3) The author of (1964) pointed out: "Nancy Carole joined Bobby's staff with the title of telephone page for the majority, a job which paid her ,687.56 to start.

Her work was more than satisfactory and she was rewarded with a fast series of pay raises.

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"Bobby Baker was about the first person in Washington to know that Lyndon Johnson was to be dumped as the Vice-Presidential candidate in 1964.

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