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But despite all of those bad circumstances, it can still be difficult to kick the romantic attraction and feelings of love.If you find yourself feeling trapped in a relationship you know is not healthy, consider these 15 tips for letting go of it for good: Awareness is the first step.It can be hard to distance yourself from someone you’re used to spending so much time with, but it is usually necessary if you want to move on from the relationship.This doesn’t mean you can’t maintain a friendship with your ex, but it’s usually best to allow some time for both parties to heal before you try to spend time together as friends.Ending a relationship can be incredibly difficult no matter how toxic it is.Part of this is for simple biological reasons, as some scientific studies have shown that being in love activates the same areas of the brain as being high on cocaine.It's time to try Flirt – the perfect site for singles who know what they want!1000s of interesting people are ready to share your interests and love experience!

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It is for this reason that love can sometimes be compared to an addiction.

In love, much like addiction, there may be negative side effects such as abuse or gaslighting.

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Honor any feelings of grief you may have, and allow yourself to feel those emotions rather than attempting to suppress them.

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