When your ex husband starts dating

Here’s what happened: I found out last year that he had subscribed to Match.com, (the dating site) saying that he was divorced already, even though officially he’s not.When another friend also told me that, I couldn’t resist, I had this idea.Sure, it's time-consuming and awkward to unfriend your ex on Facebook, remove him from your chat list, or to tell him to stop contacting you.But if those things are keeping you from recovering, what's a half-hour of deleting and a couple weeks of awkwardness compared to months of perpetuated angst?Rapper Eminem may be known for his controversial lyrics, but he is equally known for his on-again, off-again relationship with his wife — they have been married and divorced several times to (and from) each other.Think this is a situation that only famous people get placed in? It happens all the time to people who are teachers, professionals, and average parents.I couldn’t believe when I was typing, I couldn’t make one mistake, I had to be very careful.

Because although you might not think it, you're holding yourself back from happiness if you're still clinging to an ex.

That was almost three years ago and unfortunately the legal process is still going on.

A year ago, Nancy discovered her husband was dating online and that hurt.

Nevertheless, I was surprised at that little emotional stirring, even a touch of jealousy.

Nancy’s reaction to her husband dating was similar to her becoming a model for the adult websites.

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At this stage, I would be counseling Nancy to focus her energies on herself and to let go.

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