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I had to call them up to get the add-ons repeat billing cancelled.Just to make sure, I also cancelled the repeat billing in my Pay Pal account.Another thing i've never been able to understand is why you have to ring them to cancel membership, and furthermore, after the end of the five three day trials that i've had, i get to speak to EXACTLY the same Eastern European girl to cancel my membership, no matter what time of the day or night that i ring, she must sleep at the call centre i guess.

Taken from their website: (oh notice the typo in the title! TERM AND TERMINATION 15.1 This agreement is effective upon approval of application to the Cupid White Label Dating Network.

This agreement may be terminated by either party with 2 months written notice.

15.2 Cupid reserves the right to terminate this agreement, when: You have breached our terms and conditions You have been convicted of a criminal offence Your dating site has attracted less than 100 registrations (free sign ups) during its first 6 months, from the moment the site went live.

I signed up for the trial membership, (.97), for 3 days, I cancelled it 2 days into the trial but guess what, they went ahead and charged me for a month, (.99), and when I complained they refunded the .97.

I said I wanted the month charge back, they could keep the .97.

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I wasn't aware that these add-ons to the main membership were also set up separately on repeat billing.

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