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Not all Black people love hot sauce, hot wings, or spicy food.

Once again, please don’t re-enforce Black stereotypes.

i Stock For some reason, White men often feel the need to re-assure us that they love women outside of their race, but if you’re already on a date with me, isn’t obvious you like women outside of your race? There is no need to waste time re-assuring me of this.

Once again, I’d rather be talking about what normal people talk about on dates, like what they like to do for fun etc.

Shutterstock One of the worst things a White man can do on a date is re-enforce Black stereotypes, even if it’s in a joking way. Because that tells me that you are simply judging me by my skin even though one would think you wouldn’t do that (after all, you are on a date with a Black woman).

Thinkstock **Sigh…that age old question that just won’t go away…even on a date.

It’s not that I have a problem with White people who are genuinely curious as to why it is considered inappropriate, but it’s the fact that you’re making me answer the question as if I am representative of the entire race.

Corbis Although this might seem like the last one, it is nothing like it.

Somehow “having a thing” for Black women has a completely different connotation to it.

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