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So the theme of the conference is new frontiers and uhm it’s a perfect theme for me, I think personally in my life and all that I can do right now is speak from my experiences however flawed they may be uhm and just to prophesies to you again to war everybody that I have my own opinions, they reserved within me and I’m not saying it’s the right way but it’s what I believe and it’s the way that I’m living my life right now and I have no shame in being authentic and speaking my mind and opinion about that.So forgive me, I hope I don’t offend anybody in here…but uhm morons.So yes uhm, some of you know that I came out publicly on a podcast with John Lin with Mormon stories which was a really cool experience and uhm it was just my really lazy way of coming out to every person that I knew without having to send a text or a conversations or write a letter, I mean I don’t have time for that, aint nobody got time for that, so it’s just one of those things where I thought like I could get it out in the open and blue and just do it.The interesting thing is that I was prepared in the sense that I had spoken to my closest of kin, my closest family and friends knew and it was something that I did personally for them.For a while I would just walk around at the gym and just be a wildflower, or just go to karaoke bars and just sit in the back corners, and I’m a fairly outgoing person uhm it was easy for me to perform in front of 80 million people on live TV, right, it was easy for me to do that, it was easy for me to come out and have Perez Hilton cover it and post it all over his website and people talking about really weird stuff, is he this, is he that I wonder who he’s dating, it’s just really weird to have that now part of my life and my paradigm, but that being said, uhm.It was really difficult for a while and I felt a lot of reflected self-hatred and the gay men and women that I was around, who could flaunt around and parade as these characters.To a great extent, there, these are the gay men that we know and we have come to love.

What I’m trying to get at is this, is that I’m hopefully trying to speak to those that might have either left the church or are struggling with where they stand, they sitting on a fence, I’m not pushing in any direction but one thing that I think is very important to remember is that we come from a very great culture, despite some of the issues that we have currently and some of our debates politically about where gays stand within the church there are some very great things that we have learnt as a church, the ideas of service, the ideas of love and compassion true Christ-like living is something very beautiful and the one thing that I very deeply miss in the now new culture and society that I live in.So I couldn’t figure it out for the life of me I’m very grateful that they raised the bar before I left we didn’t have any of that attention, you know like home comings, bon voyages or anything like that.So I do remember though I was in the middle of my mission with the haka and I was in a place, in an indigenous tribal village called Matias Romero, and in that place I was sitting, er living in this mud hut rocking in a hammock, reading my scriptures at in the morning, and I found a scripture that I thought “oh my gosh” this is so it, so I’m going to share it with you really quickly, it’s in Messiah chapter 2, 34 and it says: “ knoweth that er eternally indebted to the death of your heavenly father to render to him all that you have and are”.Circling wagons, I had just gone through a really really bad breakup and it totally hit me really bad and I realised that I had left the church, I had just gotten into a deep serious relationship and that relationship became everything for me and when it ended, uhm I was crushed and I realised that I had never actually fully mourned the loss of the church in my life and the role that it once played in my life.I think the church still plays a role in my life, it’s just very different than what it used to be, I’m not an active participant nor am I actually an official member, although I do claim my Mormon heritage and I’m very proud of it and I still feel in many ways, I’m very Mormon and like I can’t get rid of this part of my heritage for the life of me no matter what I do it’ll always be there.

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