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We’re very adamant about that.’,” Bolthouse warned.Metallica’s Lars Ulrich ducking in to a nearby hangar for a breather.Here, Emma wears Fendi’s Russian sable, fox fur and suede dress and leather and silk bustier, to order, at Fendi, New York. CLICK HERE to read what Bruce and Emma had to say about the shoot. Willis shakes up the city with Chanel Long-Lasting Soft Matte Makeup in Soft Bisque; Soft Touch Eyeshadow in Black Star; Precision Eye Definer in Black; Intense Volume and Curl Mascara in Smoky Noir; Perfect Brows in Brun; Blush Duo Tweed Effect in Tweed Sienna; and Crème Lipstick in Vamp.A word to the wise: If you’ve recently suffered a tough breakup, or are generally sullen or cynical regarding matters of the heart, avoid spending time in the company of newlyweds Bruce and Emma Willis.And I lasted one date.” Ever since, the two have been practically inseparable, often traveling together to her modeling shoots and his film sets, bouncing back and forth between L.A., where Bruce’s three daughters live, and New York, which they both prefer.They share a quiet, restrained disposition, though they do indulge in discreet smooches in the company of others.And their declarations of adoration are made with such offhand sincerity that, save for the most bitter among us, it’s impossible not to feel joyful in their presence. Is this not the same Bruce Willis who spent the years since his 2000 divorce from Demi Moore dating a string of models and decrying the institution of monogamy?

“I think is now my 25 year in the nightclub business. Rembrandt Flores, Joyce Sevilla, and EFG return for the unenviable task of juggling inquiries.

Her lithe frame and understated beauty caught Bruce’s eye, but at the time, she was engaged to L. nightlife entrepreneur Brent Bolthouse, so the two became merely friendly acquaintances.

Two years later, Emma’s relationship had ended, and in fall 2007 she was preparing to leave L. “We went on one date, on the Friday before Emma was getting ready to move back to New York, and then we fell mad crazy in love,” says Bruce.

Neon Carnival, the annual celebrity-stacked after-hours fair near Coachella thrown by ringmaster Brent Bolthouse at a private airport, returns to Thermal, California on Saturday April 16, The Wrap’s Party Report has learned.

Having spent over a decade in desert during Coachella’s opening weekend, the unaffiliated one-night-only affair that lands in the gray area between Saturday night and Sunday morning has seen Clint Eastwood wield a (water) gun for carnival games, Rihanna pull up in her tour bus, Justin Bieber claim an elevated table, and just last year, Leonardo Di Caprio raise his fist in a victory salute 10 months before those digits would finally clasp Oscar gold.

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