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Farrah’s iconic red bathing suit poster has quite the backstory.

The photoshoot was requested by Pro Arts Inc, who wanted her to collaborate with Bruce Mc Broom.

When Farrah was chosen as one of the most beautiful students at UT Austin, her photo was sent along with the others to Hollywood agents.

In 2011, Farrah’s bathing suit that she wore in her iconic 1976 photoshoot was given to the Smithsonian’s Museum of American History in Washington DC.

She decided she didn’t want to live in a dorm from the start, and moving into the Madison House, which is still located on 22nd street.

Farrah was the first UT Austin freshman to be chosen for one of the “10 Most Beautiful Coeds on Campus”.

It was probably like Brad and Jennifer when they were together.

The press was all over us (…) Naturally, we really couldn’t go anywhere.” , for which she didn’t even bare all, but it was no matter.

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We had a valid contract with her, and no major studio or production company would hire her.

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