Who is gerard butler dating now

But later it was quite obvious that the couple can‘t take eyes from each other.

They both looked really sophisticated and elegant together.

Well, at first there were some rumours that a new Gerard Butler girlfriend is just accompanying him and that there is nothing serious between them.

She was wearing a very simple black dress and looked quite conservative for someone who would be a new Gerard Butler girlfriend.

While being a 24 years old super model, Gerard Butler girlfriend Madalina Ghenea looked really sophisticated this time.

A new Gerard Butler girlfriend is Madalina Ghenea and they showed as a couple in Capri Film Festival showing others that Gerard Butler is not single anymore.

RELATED: Justin Timberlake: Jessica Biel Is ‘The Most Special Person’ Butler especially endeared himself to the cast and crew, often going out of his way to talk with fans.

Biel also was friendly, but a bit more reserved than Butler, who prefers the nickname “Gerry.” The two seemed to strike up a genuine friendship while working on the movie, but most insiders insist they’re nothing more than friends.

– or the subject of critical regard generally (the other elephant in the room! He has quality bone structure and what is known in the trade as 'piercing blue eyes'. um." So he quickly gives up, shrugs and says: "Yeah, I do," which I rather respect. He says, enthusiastically: "He's one of my favourite actors. Gerard Butler has an interesting back story, which you may well have read before, if you are a fan, of which there are many.

I ask: Do you think of yourself as a fantastic-looking cutie-pie with piercing blue eyes? I tell him he reminds me, slightly, of a meatier James Mc Avoy, that there's a physical similarity, but he disputes this. He's always got it right and he's a good dude, a really sweet guy. Indeed, Facebook fan sites include 'Gerard Butler is my husband…

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It seems that the party went really well and a new Gerard Butler girlfriend could not take her eyes from her boyfriend even when he was on a stage.

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