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“I’ve been in my apartment only two years and already I have to build a new closet.”Graffiti impresario and artists Keith Haring came along to ‘s Union Square office to watch this month’s cover story in action, as did physical maintenance technician Lydia Cengic if the So Ho Fitness Center. I’m having a new yellow fox made by Clause Montana. You put a hat on and you’ve got all this color coming.

Amazing Grace was three hours late, going over the inventory in her fur vaults uptown before her escape from Manhattan into the movies. Right from the top, they want to know about the glamour bit. I buy them with my play money, money I make from the Honda TV commercial, and the new Citroën car commercial I will begin shooting in Paris next week with Jean-Paul [Goude]. TALLEY: Well, with a fur coat you don’t have to wear a dress very often.

This Friday, The Black Rock Coalition Orchestra will host a tribute to Grace Jones at Joe’s Pub at the Public Theater in New York.

Curated by musician Gordon Voidwell, the evening is titled “State of Grace.” Ms.

Why don’t we take her tonight, or when she comes back on Thursday? JONES: I’ve never really gone and seen an audience’s reaction.

That was probably your first live appearance in New York.

Since 1974, when Grace Jones began her entertainment career lip-synching on tabletops at Club Sept in Paris, she’s transcended the stigma of disco diva and captured true stardom.

Having released her sixth album, ) in which she’s slated to jump off the Eiffel Tower in a cape that becomes a parachute.

TALLEY: Did he go to see JONES: Oh no, he doesn’t go to the movies. JONES: I know, but he can wait till it comes on Home Box Office. TALLEY: But don’t you remember the great moments you also had when there were rumors in Paris that Yves was very ill and you did this great show, one of his best, the Carmen collection, and at the end of it—after 300 outfits—everyone has to hold Yves up. Yves took Lou Lou’s scarf and wrapped it around my waist, and he took off his belt, put it around my breasts and carried me back out on the stage. JONES: There’re lots of musicians in my family, too. I’ve got to make a record with my mother’s voice on it. TALLEY: Do you realize that there are still people who think that you are a sex change? TALLEY: You were one of the first with your style to cross over in your way of dressing. TALLEY: There are people who say to me, “Grace Jones, she’s not a real woman, she’s a man, a drag queen.” How do you feel about that?

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Even when she had no money, long before her one-woman show was a sellout around the world, Grace Jones had indefatigable style.

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