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He is the eldest child of his parents; two brothers are younger than him.Both of these two are associated with wrestling profession. Later, he completes his graduate degree in political science from Kent School University.At the age of 12, he was much eager to enter into the world of professional wrestling.Then while at school he made a team along with Andy Hrovat and Gray Maynard.' Buying' this game is a form of donating - showing your appreciation for this game.The character of John Cena is copyrighted and owned by the WWE. If you'd like to support me and future games, please check out my other games!John Cena and Nikki Bella ended their six-year relationship in April, and fans are devastated.Not only did the couple first meet on WWE, but they even got engaged at Wrestle Mania 33 and throughout their relationship, the two gave us several adorable displays of their crazy-hot chemistry.

If I can't do that correctly, or give the amount of time needed to do that correctly, then I wouldn't want to put somebody through that."Still looking to learn from other's mistakes?Here are 7 tips from divorce lawyers to maintaining a healthy marriage.One of the major stories for this year’s Road to Wrestle Mania coming out of Monday’s Raw was John Cena drinking a fan’s beer, sarcastically cheering for Roman Reigns, and formally, enthusiastically challenging the legendary Undertaker to return to action and face him one-on-one at Wrestle Mania.At present, he is not only a wrestler but also a prominent actor and stand-up comedian.At 5, Ziggler went to watch a wrestling event and then fascinated by professional wrestling.

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