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After he presented it different ways they went to their interments to find the beat without saying a word.

Is there anybody who hasn't quoted from scar tissue the book? Unfortunately some people who are writing here do not know the full meaning of it.I wrote the song after leaving the recording studio and he was feeling isolated from the rest of the band because john frusciante and flea became much closer together.he was reflecting on all of the horrible things he had done in LA.Under the bridge is a song which i feel like i was talking woth anthony when he wrote it or i wrote it by my self....every single lyric is dedicated to me and how i feel ....The song is THE BEST SONG EVER and the chilis rule....

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)See this song could have a meaning for anyone really, because it practicly explains why he wrote this song and its about his buddy who died in 1990, and he came up with lyrics to this song because he was confused with what really happened with him. I felt i lost everything after he left, but i continued on my ways. Its a message in life that means you shouldn't give up life because another is lost, you should keep on living life at the fullest because you might end up missing something or someone valuable in of you may have noticed links to Nirvana's songs and that is because kurt and anthony were friends infact 'Tearjerker' on 'One Hot Minute' was actually about kurt's death. A great song by the chili peppers, when i was young and the song first came out i thought it was a very different song from there other songs but when i got older i found out that the song is about anthony's drug problems and that the bridge mentioned in the song is where he use to go and shoot up on heroin.

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