Who is julio iglesias dating

In fact, the last time the tennis player was spotted by the paparazzi was in November 2016. But that family love is not what got people's attention…

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It's Anna's arm in the photo — on her left ring finger, she's rockin' a MASSIVE ring that looks like wedding bells went down in secret!

The rumors that she wed Enrique Iglesias aren't new, of course — they've been around for a few years — but there hasn't been any significant, hard proof yet.

Spanish 'high society' tongues had been wagging for weeks after photos emerged of Preysler and Vargas Llosa enjoying a lunch together in Madrid after they flew in from a black-tie dinner in London as guests of Prince Charles.

The daughter of a wealthy Filipino aristocrat, Preysler came to Spain as a teenager after winning a beauty pageant in Manila.

A playboy admirer thought by her parents to be a bad influence was the reason she was sent to live with an uncle and aunt in Madrid.

Fashion Finder's favourite though is the new season Miu Miu pair - a perfect compliment to your Seventies style fall wardrobe... Effortless: She wore her silky blonde hair in a high ponytail with her luscious long locks tumbling down behind her back and complemented her beautifully bronzed complexion with shimmery eye make-up and a hit of blush Speaking to Billboard, he explained: 'The last 14 years, 15 years of my life have flown by. CLICK HERE to see the gallery "11 Female Athletes Who Are Only Famous For Being Hot!" CLICK HERE to see the gallery "11 Female Athletes Who Are Only Famous For Being Hot!His 16th novel, The Discreet Hero, was published in English this year.His first wife, Julia Urquidi, was his aunt by marriage, 10 years his senior and the inspiration for the character of Aunt Julia in his 1977 novel Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter, which became a film.

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