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"I've been through a lot in the ghetto and I wanted to tell my side of the story," says Master P. I've seen a lot of smart kids die in the ghetto." It was all part of Master P's master plan: "I definitely didn't want my kids to go through what I had gone through."He started selling music out of the trunk of his car from place to place."I wanted to let my anger go on the music that I had. Several months, hundreds of towns, and thousands of miles later, his album went gold. In less than 10 years, this young father from the projects found himself on the cover of Fortune magazine.Many thought the pop starlet was about to have a meltdown and that’s why she decided to take some time off, but after working non-stop for six years at such a young age, a vacation is more than well deserved."My fans are so important to me and I would never want to disappoint them,” she said in a statement.When he's not shooting films, he's shooting hoops as a Junior Olympic basketball player. "I mean Romeo's got cars, man," says his father, rapper Master P. " Lil' Romeo gave Correspondent Harold Dow a tour of his luxurious home, his home studio and even his customized Mercedes in a story that first aired last June. "The material things, they come and go.""It's just a blessing to see that he's so levelheaded.

"We have six kids and she definitely makes sure the family value is there."They also make sure their kids count their blessings.

Even in his wildest dreams, 14-year-old Percy Romeo Miller III never imagined a life like this. Like Martin Luther King said, 'Have a dream,'" says Lil' Romeo, a pint-sized, platinum-selling, hip-hop superstar.

In just two years, Lil' Romeo has sold an astonishing 20 million CDs. This eighth grader stars in movies, cartoons and even runs a clothing company.

But their story began 2,000 miles away, in the crime-ridden Calliope housing projects of New Orleans.

48 Hours Investigates asked Lil' Romeo and his dad to take us back to Calliope.

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