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"The '96 Games were the best time I ever had in basketball and the most important," she said."Not only was it my first Olympics, but it proved that women's basketball could be played on a higher level than college.And then in 2001, she became the first woman to dunk in a WNBA game. Christine Leslie will be fondly recalled by her daughter during the Hall of Fame ceremony because of her influence not only on Leslie but her siblings.

I'm very comfortable in my own skin." On many of her teams in high school, college and the pros, Leslie was the best player.

In a society that often sends either the wrong signal or mixed messages to girls through pop culture, and a society dominated by males, Leslie happily lends a strong voice.

"It's very important for young girls to hear the right things, to know that there are other ways to achieve their goals," said Leslie.

Yet, despite that 101-point outburst, she never felt the need to post Chamberlain-esque numbers again.

Leslie wanted to be liked and respected by her teammates and the best way to achieve that, she said, was to be a team player.

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"If I was double-teamed then I'd rather pass the ball than try to get 30 points," she said. Also, if one or more of my teammates had to run the stairs because of punishment or maybe they were on the losing team in practice, I ran with them.

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