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His assistant brings water, and two black poodles scamper around the room, demanding to be scratched and stroked.

In my bag I was carrying a copy of Sondheim’s new book, Finishing the Hat, a compendium of the lyrics from his first musical, Saturday Night (1954), to Merrily We Roll Along (1981), along with his commentaries and observations. And I thought, God, that’s so lucky, because what other situation could I use that in?The furnishings in his sitting-room suggest refinement, studiousness and comfort in equal measure: a Persian rug on parquet flooring; deep sofas draped with throws, one of which Sondheim falls into like a demolished building.An antique sideboard is crowded with decorative boxes, ornamental plates, gold gewgaws, a pair of giant dice.Early for my appointment with Stephen Sondheim on a sultry New York afternoon, I sat down for a moment on a bench outside an office building, a short walk from Sondheim’s home.He has lived in New York all his life, and his work, while seldom explicitly about the city, seems very much to reflect its sensibility – sharp, sophisticated, knowing. There are certain rhymes where you need the exact situation.

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His own name, he points out, provides two particularly delicious ones, 'demonish’ and 'hedonism’.

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