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Were there things you were trying to avoid so that you wouldn’t step into stereotype territory?

I’ve never been one who’s been afraid of telling my stories the way that I want to tell the stories, and that’s what I did, just told the story the way that I wanted to tell the story, and allowing the characters to be real and be themselves.

“This woman who is very, very angry and her husband wasn’t a saint either, and how that whole story played out and going back to the people that I’ve counseled and stories that I’ve heard, I wanted to explore that.” The result is , in theaters on March 30 and starring Taraji P.

Henson as Melinda, a woman who very literally unleashes hell on her husband Robert (Lyriq Bent) after their marriage breaks down and she suspects he is cheating.

How do you feel your work has preceded this new era and new generation coming in to tell their stories, and where do you see yourself sitting within it? I’ve been having these conversations behind closed doors at studios for a long time, trying to get other people of color to be able to tell their stories, and there was a 10-year period where I was the only one out there and I took a lot of heat for being the only one out there because there would be people of color who come and look in my basket for themselves and when they didn’t see it, they were angry or upset because they didn’t think my stories were worth telling because I didn’t represent them.

He looked up at me, and there was a smirk on my face.“Taraji can do anything, but just knowing how she would tap into her well of things that she has used in the past or been through, I knew she’d be able to do this and do it well,” Perry says.The story is told through five dramatic chapters – Acrimony; Sunder; Bewail; Deranged; and Inexorable – tracing the couple’s journey from college sweethearts into adulthood and how Robert’s infidelity early in their relationship was forgiven but never really forgotten as Melinda descends gradually into paranoia.And where I see myself in it is where I’ve been, at the forefront, I’ll continue to push the change of diversity and inclusion and continue to stand with all these people who want to tell their stories in any way they want to tell them.You talk a lot about your brand – given this new era, how has your brand evolved and how would you define it for right now at this moment?

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One of the things Melinda says early on is “every time a black woman gets mad, she’s a stereotype.” What was the purpose of having that line? Because if someone is angry and they’re a woman, then they’re angry; if a man is angry, he’s angry; but all of a sudden if it’s a black woman who’s angry, then she’s a stereotypical angry black woman, as if people don’t have the right to be angry. And as far as going about addressing it, there’s one moment when the therapist tries to bring up borderline personality disorder (to Melinda), and she won’t hear it at all.

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