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In January 2009, Jamar Evans, 17, pleaded guilty to third-degree murder and firearm charges.He was sentenced to at least nine years in prison in June 2009.Because this is a story about a Philly kid, a graduate of American Christian Academy in Delaware County, whose ball-on-a-string skills and beyond-explosive first step have turned the Kings from who-really-cares into gotta-check-them-out.If you're a Sixers fan, consider putting down this newspaper because it might be painful knowing Sacramento now has the thing - that thing - which your team can't seem to find: an identity.Now, far, far away from Chester, Tyreke's future looks bright and lucrative."I'm looking forward to the next contract," he said.

Both are members of "Team Tyreke" - not incorporated.

Tyreke and his extended family don't want to talk about it now, but Tyreke was the driver of a vehicle from which his cousin, Jamar Evans, shot and killed a man in Chester in November 2007.

After a police investigation, Tyreke Evans was not charged.

Despite this growing adulation, one doesn't get the impression many locals could tell you much about Tyreke's game (one member of the scorer's table said the crowd is filled with cheerleaders, not basketball aficionados), but they are excited about this year's Kings, who this season already have 15 wins, after finishing with a league-low 17 last season. It's good to see people getting back into the team.

But common logic tells them the rookie isn't just a part of the resurrection; he's its driving force. Tonight inside the Wachovia Center, Tyreke will start against the Sixers, who have been searching for a new identity since Allen Iverson took his elsewhere, the first time around.

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