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Now as I ascended to new levels in the church, every aspect of my life will go higher as well."Sapp raises his three children as a full-time single father years after his wife died from cancer.

Sorry, Warren, but these kinds of child support court cases can be easily avoided with some caution and restraint, and after having made over 82 million dollars as a player, the old “shake-my-head” response seems proportional.Once I arrived at Headquarters, I found that I enjoyed the collegial atmosphere of interacting with both young men and women.Despite my fears, interactions with members of the opposite sex were permitted so long as we did not single each other out or give undue attention to a member of the opposite sex.If there was an early 2000’s “Shawn Kemp” award given out to NFL players, Sapp would probably get at least one.He does appear to be plainly reckless and thoughtless about a little thing called contraception, but that’s his right.

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