Who is yuna zarai dating

and I don’t know whether it will come true because I am not the type of girl who will be in crowd just to meet an artist…

others can say that I am not yuna’s number one fan because I am not put my maxima effort to meet her…

“The house was decorated beautifully, and we were very happy to host Adam’s lovely family in our home.

I would like to thank all the fans for their well wishes and their prayers.

I had seen Bintang Di Langit in astro ria which she had said that at first (before she goes to US) she was worried with her hijab style…I am not really agree with that because fan is not just screaming her name and what so ever…to me, it is enough to admire someone because of her/his great achievements and make her/him my idol… I believe that if I have destiny with yuna, I will meet her someday somewhere in this Allah's earth... because I believe in Allah and I rely on Him 100 %... and everytime I hear and watch Yuna’s voice and performance make me said Subhanallah automatically… Her voice maybe sounds a little bit idle but it is unique because it is very2 rare people like hers (voice)… I hope that one fine day Yuna will be one of the artist which is at one stand with those international artists (celine dion, oprah winfrey)…and it can be seen towards her effort to spread her wings to overseas to international level until she could reach at this level...she had done her best to make people know her and accept her voice along with her hijab style...

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