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The scent reminds me of minty herbalish talcum powder my late mother used to use for my back when I had an allergy. to my nose the tonka bean & sandalwood are very dominant here, too oriental for my taste. At the time of addicts release I found the vanilla much too cloying for my taste and never resonated with it.2002 addict is a rich overdose of vanilla and florals much ahead of the trend of vanilla being so dominant in perfumary than it had been at any other time but it was right on the heels of the gourmand revolution ushered in by Angel in 1994.I finally got the chance this morning in the airport.If you're unsure about it, please please PLEASE don't judge just by the scent of the nozzle or immediately after spraying on your skin or a test strip. To me it's a very spicy floral at first, and then becomes a soft powdery vanilla that lasts and lasts and lasts!! I think it's way overpriced for what you get, and my preference would be for something like Kenzo Amour which has a very pretty vanilla drydown that stays close to the skin.

I love the sweetness of the vanilla and I also love that there is some sort of smoky balance to it but I don't really think it's office friendly LOL It definitely projects well. The closest thing I liked was Mon Guerlain....whose perfumer, Thierry Wasser also created Dior ADDICT.

But I know with some perfumes, you have to let them settle before you can really judge (and having worn 2012 before, I know for a fact it gets muuuch better) so now I'm going to pause my review, wait for it to settle, and then come back to continue.

I also want to note that the "unpleasant camphor smell" is ONLY when I shove my nose up into my skin to smell.

I think its a sign of the turn of the millenia..a young Thierry Wasser asserting his influence in the fragrance landscape and a wonderful walk back in time.

I haven't had good experiences with Dior perfumes, but I've been looking for an opportunity to try this one.

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