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Samuel "Sam" Winchester is the son of John and Mary Winchester and the younger brother of Dean Winchester, and a hunter and (as of recently) Man of Letters, alongside Dean.

(Bloody Mary) At the end of the month, on Halloween, Dean returned to Sam trying to get Sam to come back and help Dean find John, who had gone missing.

Though Sam helped Dean with a Woman in White in Jericho, he otherwise initially refused, until a few days later, on the anniversary of Mary's death, Sam's dreams of the same creature killing Jess the same way came true as he watched.

(Everybody Loves a Clown) While continuing hunting, Sam and Dean subsequently set about finding out what Azazel's plans were, and about tracking down the other psychic children like Sam that Azazel had created, with help from Ash and Ellen and Jo Harvelle.

This immediately caused Sam to immediately leave Stanford and join Dean on the search for John and the hunt for the creature responsible for Jess and Mary's death.

(Pilot) During Sam and Dean's search for John and Azazel, they disagreed over Dean's approach, with Sam just wanting to track John down direct rather than follow all the clues and coordinates and hunting cases that John left the brothers.

(Dark Side of the Moon) Eventually, when Sam was 18 or 19, Sam and John had an intense argument and falling out, which ended with Sam leaving his family.

Sam later went to Stanford University and began studying for law school, and made friends there with Brady and Jessica Moore and tried to help Brady when the latter began doing drugs and throwing away his future.

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Circa early - mid 2004, Sam and Jess began dating and fell in love.

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