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She did her own exploring, wriggling her hand into his pants and grasping his hard cock... Lisa found herself wondering at the whole situation.Here she was, sitting half-dressed on the couch between her husband of six years and a gorgeously well built and exceedingly suave male escort.

They unpinned her robe and let it fall away, leaving her firm body naked before them.

Things were progressing perfectly, yet her life balanced precariously enough already... Allowing his hands to explore further down he coated her belly with the slippery oil. "Oh, come now," the Queen said, sitting gently down beside her and cupping the girl's cheek in her palm. We are here for pleasure, not pain." The Queen drew her in and kissed her, the older woman's soft lips tasting faintly of wine. The brief kiss had ignited a fire in her loins, unexpectedly pleasurable yet at odds with who and what she thought she was. Now his muscular arms were reaching for her, and she was enveloped in an embrace like coming home.

The sensation of his fingers sliding so easily over her made him grin. He continued until she could barely breath and then allowed her to rest. His kisses were gentle and loving at first, but soon they became more urgent.

A Crossdressing Essay: Is the Crossdresser Powerless to Stop Crossdressing?

In this essay by Ms Courtney, the subject of just how deep the crossdressing compulsion goes. And you want to capture that sexiness all for yourself, don't you?

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