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Rabbi Knish (all the way from San Francisco) visits Sid, who is in the studio with Linda Mc Cartney.

The Rabbi relates a story to try and persuade Sid to show up at Temple Beth Blasucci for Yissel's first night.

For the new season, the 90 was dropped from the name and the show became SCTV Network, and the show received a facelift - a new generic opening, theme music by Ira Newborn, along with new logos and bumper graphics.

Sets were changed as well - Guy now has a large wood-paneled office.

It is a superb set of shows, featuring among the finest wraparound concept episodes in CCCP1, Zontar, The Godfather, and the Staff Christmas Party.

*In January 1982, NBC aired three specials of repeats from previous shows billed as The Best of SCTV.

Additional Viewing: The Russian wrap includes elements of Fail-Safe and Dr Strangelove.

Guy Caballero - Flaherty; Secretary - Moranis; Second secretary - Candy; NBC people - Moranis, Candy In the studio, Sid lays down some tracks with Yissel, his adoptive son ('We're In this Love Together').

After the take, however, Yissel says he has to go to the synagogue - he doesn't want to be a soul singer, he wants to be a cantor.

This week, Lola has an insightful interview with Mother Theresa and roughs it in India. Outraged by the invasion of American airspace by "Iranian amateurs," Bobby stops the show and walks off.

Lola Heatherton - O'Hara; Mother Theresa - Martin; announcer - Thomas; various poor people - extras Sponsored by Marcos Satisfaction Jewelers. Bobby Bittman as Caesar - Levy; Johnny La Rue as Pluto - Candy; Conspirator - Flaherty; Casta - Moranis; Hag - Martin; Senators - Thomas, extras Caballero wants La Rue to take the fall for the Caesar screw up, but is interrupted when CCCP 1 returns. Guy Caballero - Flaherty; Johnny La Rue - Candy 3CP1, Russian television.

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