World of tanks updating modules crash

After this disaster, the UK also overhauled its offshore industry and came up with its Offshore Installations Safety Case Regulations [1] [4].

However, not until the recent Deepwater horizon oil spill disaster which occurred on April 20, 2010, the safety legislation in the US has not been reviewed to adopt a mandatory safety case approach instead of the prescriptive approach currently been used [1].

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couplings offer 1/2 flow capacity and are manufactured from a high performance glass filled polypropylene.

Over the years it has been obviously known that there is a need for a step to step procedure in achieving an effective proactive HSE culture.

Many efforts towards this have shown that it will also take personal commitment and self-responsibility on the part of the HSE regulators as well as operators to achieve this.

So in the real sense Legislation has always been on the basis of safety statistics : If I try to understand what this means it tries to say that Safety process and systems should adopt PROACTIVE Measures rather reactive measures.

In other words we should be able to estimate the lets says probabilisticaly to effectiveness of the system even before any incident is likely to occur.

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March 28, 1980, Alexander Keilland capsized and sank off the coast of Norway in the North Sea killing 123 people.

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