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Yet, to the very end, as his approval rating plunged during "the recession we had to have", Mr Hawke clung to the idea that his relationship with voters was special.

Mr Hawke might have justly been recalled as a symbol of the pride before the fall.

The larrikin side of the Hawke personality is now a popular favourite at events, where the octogenarian acquiesces to the urgings of an adoring public by sculling a beer — a reprise of his record-breaking student effort at Oxford.

Bill gives up stoushing to become a properly domesticated husband and father, "Livin' an' lovin". The program's discussion of his philandering is more coy than its handling of his drinking, but the expression on Hawke government minister Susan Ryan's face when discussing Mr Hawke's relationship with women paints 1,000 words.

Instead, he is recalled as one of our greatest prime ministers and certainly among the most influential.

It is a strength of the ABC's upcoming two-part documentary, Hawke: The Larrikin and the Leader, narrated by Richard Roxburgh, that it evokes the industrial world that gave Mr Hawke both a long and rich apprenticeship in public life and a remarkable celebrity status.

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