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In a certain abecedarian, spatial, and visual disorder.

Sometimes you’re overworked, sometimes you’re tired, sometimes you can’t focus on too many things simultaneously, sometimes you get sloppy. This is why the only secure way is to set up and use an environment and configuration which protects you even in situations when you make a mistake like accidentally accessing a target’s server without using a proxy which reveals your IP address. TOR: Commercial VPN providers are not trustworthy these days and we do not know if government agencies like the NSA have access to VPN providers and their servers, so don’t rely on them.

You’re better off using the tor-technology for anonymous browsing.

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The United Nations top political affairs official on Tuesday stressed the need to breathe life back into ongoing efforts to end the conflict in eastern Ukraine, now in its fifth year, which has killed and injured thousands of civilians, plunging the country into a humanitarian crisis.

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