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Technology has crippled us in such a way that trust and honest relationships are hard to come by because everything is so filtered and carefully assembled on their profile.Luckily, I struck gold when I matched with my girlfriend.This statistic shows the proportion of single people in the United States who are not actively dating, as of 2016.During the survey, 43 percent of the single men stated that they were not active in the search of a partner, in comparison with 60 percent of the single women who stated the same.It could be very dangerous and deceiving if someone were to meet another person for the first time and they had lied about everything.Dating in 2016 is like being in a never-ending episode of "Catfish" where you don't really know who you're talking to or what they really look like.

But not for me, because you see, I am in a very happy relationship with this amazing girl who literally walked into a swim meet as I was trying not to drown myself in the 800 meter swim.

Tinder, since I am familiar with it, has changed the dating scheme itself by eliminating any form of rejection.

If you walk up to someone cute and try to spark a conversation, you're setting yourself up for the possibility of being rejected.

Growing up, all you want is to be "taken." Little kids run around talking about who their newest "crush" is in school and how they can't wait to be asked to the dance.

But relationships now, as I've come to notice through growing up, are becoming less and less important and sincere.

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