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She does whatever she can to give advice online, over the phone, and in print.

Her self-help book, “Picking Up the Pieces,” further encourages women who have been through heartache to pick themselves up and move forward with renewed hope and confidence.

“If you’re in a relationship, there are going to be disputes, so you have to have good tools for getting through disagreements and into a positive place.” Over the years, Dee has built a solid reputation as a dating guru for women.

Nearly 4,000 followers have signed up via email to receive new blog posts hot off the presses.

Her “Red Flag” articles get a lot of traction because many women have experienced bad boyfriend behaviors such as pulling a disappearing act.“This article gave me some comfort in [knowing] I am not the selfish crazy one who still wants my own life,” wrote Haley in the comments section.“I have been dating a guy for four years, and I cannot believe how much of myself I have given up for him.” Dee often replies to readers in the comments to let them know she’s listening and cares about their individual problems.In this short video, I provide 4 great dating advice tips on how to meet new men.If you’re having a hard time meeting new men to date or just can’t seem to locate quality men, then this video is definitely for you!

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