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Early in the spring fisherman pursue Lake Perch in the depths of the lake.

Summer and fall bring Lake Perch near shore available for shore fisherman.

Fishing for Whitefish is done in the fall from shore when they appear in the shallow rocky areas for spawning.

Ice fishing for Whitefish is popular in many of the northern bays of Lake Michigan.

Lampreys belong to the Cyclostomata, which includes the extant hagfish, and this group may have split early on from other agnathans.

The first jawed vertebrates probably developed during the late Ordovician period.

The bony fish evolved into two separate groups: the Actinopterygii (or ray-finned fish) and Sarcopterygii (which includes the lobe-finned fish).

If you fish creeks, rivers, ponds or lakes - with or without a fly rod - you know us. Join us on an amazing journey as we explore the sport of fishing in Ohio, the Midwest and around the country! This pattern was one of his earliest and most respected creations, dating from his early years in Oregon prior to World War II.

Your observation and assistance will help manage the Mad River and make it a better fishery.

Fishy Fullum is one of the most creative fly tiers in the sport today.

Unlike other bread crumbs, panko is made from the softer, tender centers of the bread instead of the crust.

This results in a larger flaky bread crumb and a crunchier texture when fried. They are primarily commercially caught and are available fresh in many towns surrounding Lake Michigan.

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The Fly Fish Ohio team wants to help you find your own bit of paradise on the local waters close to your home, where you can enjoy great fishing, beautiful scenery and relaxing solitude. 'Polly' Rosborough was part of that generation of fly tiers and anglers that brought rise to the "golden age" of American fly fishing.

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