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What XAMPP Is Used For The developers of this package officially designed it to assist Website Programmers to preview their work on their system without necessarily having to connect to the internet.

It was designed to host web pages on the World Wide Web (www).

I don't know if it's something wrong with my queries, or too much "Install Xampp" clutter in my search results (and not Upgrade Xampp) - But I just can't find a solution that works on my server.

I've got Ubuntu Server 12.04 (Terminal only), and on it phpstatus = 5.4.7 (i.e. I want to upgrade said Xampp (Lampp...) to the latest, which according to the file downloaded from apachefriends com - is 5.6.3 I've tried the following two sets of instructions (which strangely enough are the ONLY ones I managed to find online) to no avail. How do I upgrade my Xampp and why isn't it working with the methods I've tried? Copied directly as I found them online: Regarding the PPA. Looking at the XAMPP download page that seems to be explained by a skip in version numbering. Looks like their numbering got changed to the PHP version related to the XAMPP version. This might become problematic and you might need to switch to Ubuntu 14.04 Regarding installation from the run file.

It is for this reason that many of its essential security features are denied by default.

Only the very essential parts are however protected by a password.

The security features can be enabled when the important function of the package is not in use.

However, far from just being a Web Development tool, it has been found useful by users in creating and also manipulating the database in SQLite, Maria DB and other database management systems.

This remains a great plus for it as other competing alternatives have Operating System limitations.

Released in May 2002 by the Apache Friends, XAMPP download is a cross-platform software package which allows its users to develop and deploy Web Servers.

The application derives its name from the conglomeration of the various components it parades.

My guide will describe how to upgrade the current XAMPP PHP version to the second release candidate of version 5.3.

It is expected that this method will also work for the third release candidate when it is released later this month.

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Once the appropriate file has been downloaded, just ensure you have enough space on you System’s Hard Disk preferably up to 200MB and you are good to go.

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