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For the purposes of this blog post I’m going to stick to how you manage statistics, but you can find details on how to deal with indexes and constraints in the Database VLDB and Partitioning Guide.When new data is loaded into a table, optimizer statistics must be updated to take this new data into account.This post covers how you can manage optimizer statistics efficiently when you use partition exchange load (PEL).This technique is used when large volumes of data must be loaded and maximum performance is paramount.There are private shows, where you’ll be one-on-one with a cam girl, but there are also group and spy shows available.Group shows are shared with other users and spy shows let you be a fly on the wall during someone else’s show.The performance benefit is especially impessive if data is loaded at very high rates in parallel.

If the volume of data is large, creating indexes at the end of the load is very efficient and avoids the need to bear the higher cost of index maintenance during the load.

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The effect of the exchange is to incorporate all of the data in LOAD into SALES by swapping the “identity” of LOAD with Q2.

The exchange is a logical operation: a change is made in the Oracle data dictionary and no data is moved.

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In the example above, the global-level statistics for SALES must be refreshed to reflect the data incorporated into the table when LOAD is exchanged with Q2.

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