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Aghdam, who identified as Persian, posted videos in both English and Farsi and claimed her latter channel was being filtered by 'close-minded You Tube employees'.

The home of Ismail Aghdam, father of Nasim Aghdam, on Wednesday, in Menifee, California.

Law enforcement officials had initially said the shooting was being investigated as a domestic dispute after early indications suggested she had shot her boyfriend.

Her father Ismail Aghdam said she had told family members that You Tube had stopped paying her for content she posted on the site.

The 'Ted' channel also came under fire in December after it uploaded videos of his children handling a diaper covered in fake feces, being 'scared' by clowns and mock-wrestling.

Three of Ted's videos were deemed unsuitable, one was age-restricted and one was deleted.

Police said they do not plan to release the footage. Mike Martin, who ran the popular You Tube channel Daddyo Five, which had 760,000 subscribers, lost custody of his children after posting multiple clips of him 'pranking' his two young kids.According to reports Nasim Aghdam had recently lived in Menifee before driving to where the shooting at the You Tube headquarters took place On Tuesday, that fury boiled over and Aghdam shot a man and two women with a handgun when she stormed You Tube's headquarters in San Bruno.Witnesses say Aghdam was wearing glasses and a scarf when she managed to walk onto the You Tube campus and open fire on employees in what police believe is a random shooting.But the projectile penetrated the volume and fatally wounded the young father. Please hurry up,' Perez told the 911 dispatcher in June 2017 after the shooting went wrong.Prior to the shooting, Perez had tweeted: 'Me and Pedro are probably going to shoot one of the most dangerous videos ever. The couple's You Tube channel had 218 subscribers at the time and included pranks like Perez feeding Ruiz donuts covered in baby powder.

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And sometimes that can result in aspiring vloggers pushing themselves to make increasingly outrageous, and sometimes disturbing, videos.

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