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At least one number plate light must be fitted to the rear of vehicles.When on, number plate lights must illuminate number plates on the rear of vehicles with white light, so the numbers can be read at night 20 metres from the vehicle’s rear.They must have the same characters as the vehicle number plates.Auxiliary number plates have the slogan ‘NSW – Auxiliary’. If your vehicle's registration is cancelled for any reason, it’s an offence to keep the number plates.Number plates must not be obscured, defaced or otherwise not legible.The numbers on number plates must be clearly visible from any point that is up to 20 metres from the number plate, and within an arc of 45 degrees from the surface of the number plate above or to either side of the vehicle.Vehicles not displaying number plates may be unregistered, or the number plates may have been confiscated under the Vehicle Sanctions Scheme due to street racing and other ‘hoon’ offences.Auxiliary number plates may be displayed when: Auxiliary number plates cannot be used for any other purpose.

Number plate lights must be wired to come on, and stay on, when the vehicle’s parking lights, headlights or tail lights are on.Roads and Maritime has the authority to issue number plates, decline the issue or renewal of number plates and the authority to withdraw any number plates.Number plates must be permanently fitted to vehicles in an upright position and parallel to the vehicle’s axles, and not more than 1.3 metres above ground level.Auxiliary number plates must be displayed so that they are clearly visible from the rear of the vehicle. It is an offence for drivers and registered operators of vehicles displaying auxiliary number plates outside the above requirements or without a required light.Auxiliary number plates have black characters on a white background regardless of the colour of the vehicle number plates.

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All vehicles registered in NSW must have official number plates.

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